Ergonomic  MTB Inner Bar Grips - Halex Outdoor Gear
Ergonomic  MTB Inner Bar Grips - Halex Outdoor Gear
Ergonomic  MTB Inner Bar Grips - Halex Outdoor Gear
Ergonomic  MTB Inner Bar Grips - Halex Outdoor Gear
Halex Outdoor Gear

Ergonomic MTB Inner Bar Grips

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Wherever you ride, choosing the best MTB inner bar grips will give you maximum comfort and control on your bike.

While riding, you frequently vary the position of your hands on the handlebars to alter the unpleasant pressure at the ball of the hand and shoulder. Attached to the inside handlebar, these bar ends help you find a nice forearm position.

These inner bar grips are developed, tested, and scientifically validated in Switzerland in collaboration with professional cyclists. Numerous prototypes have been tested using the latest 3D printing technologies to confirm the ergonomics of these grips and ensure their perfect integration on the handlebars available on the market.

Prevention Of Joint And Muscle Pain 

Especially on long journeys, the inner ends grips offer a relaxing alternative grip position and thus relieve the stressed palms and joints of a monotonous grip position. Minimize fatigue in your hands, wrists, and elbows on long rides.

Ergonomic Design

A highly comfortable ergonomic design supports multiple positioning options, increases efficiency, and protects the wrist and blood vessels from long-time holding. Ergonomically designed grips can be used for riding in a relaxed seating position.

Super-Lightweight Material

Shock-resistant, soft and comfortable handlebar grips are machined out of top-notch carbon with nylon fiber composite that is lightweight, exhibits high strength, durable and wear-resistant.

Ergonomic Patented Technology

Hand position has a huge impact on rider comfort and is key to preventing joint and muscle pain. Therefore, the shape of these grips is designed to correct the position of the hand and naturally align the joints of the forearm. They also prevent stress on one side of the upper arm muscles.

Improve Your Performance

These grips will make every ride more comfortable, and offer to change the grip posture. In addition, they help you have better control of the bike and offer most comfortable positions for you in longtime cycling to relieve fatigue. 

The Best Companion For Cyclists

The bicycle grip and the vice handle can be used in any combination to adjust your riding posture and effectively relieve the vibration caused by rugged terrain. Even long-distance riding will not feel tiring and hard.

Easy to Install

It is easy to install the end bar grips and you can freely adjust the angles for your riding preference. It is easy to figure out the left or right bike bar handle because of its shape, so you can clearly distinguish the installation direction.


  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Clamp Diameter: 22.2
  • Width: 300 - 400mm